Here at HITIO you can choose to use our modern gym, or practice martial arts – why not both? Martial arts develop the qualities required for all areas of life: focus, concentration, discipline, and self-confidence. These are qualities that give you mental strength, beyond your physical success.

We take the best, personal essence of the martial arts philosophy with us to the gym. When you strive for new goals and challenges, we will help you stay motivated. Together we can create successful experiences.


At HITIO Gym, you can train with your family. Now you and your children can get fit at the same time and place! Or, of course, you can come by yourself. Or bring a friend, a colleague from work, a good neighbor. You can work out in the gym, or take classes in martial arts.

Maybe you live nearby, maybe you work in the neighborhood? At HITIO Gym, you’re always welcome. And always in good company.

What you get:

– State of the art, fully equipped gym for strength and fitness training
– Group training in a variety of martial arts
– Tiger program for children aged 5-7 years
– Key Cards – Exercise whenever you want


We have training that both strengthens the body, and challenges the mind.

At HITIO Gym I train together with my 12 year old son. He's been a devoted HITIO Gym member since he was five, and owns the black belt in taekwondo. Working out with him strengthens our unity. It provides quality time in a busy everyday life. Kine-M. Olsen
At 15, I was a modest and insecure girl, almost self-effacing. I had never been into sports. I had no muscles. I was a typical clever girl, with no self confidence. I had dreams, but never dared to realize them. Then I discovered taekwondo and HITIO Gym. And it changed my life completely. It brought me success, not only on the mat, but also in life. It made me able to cope with adversity. Today I'm a self confident woman, and I've started to make my dreams come true. Nina Bansal
Great place to work out with colleagues! HITIO Gym offers a very inclusive and social environment. The staff always meet you with a smile. I've grown in physical and mental strength, and improved my powerlifting technique! Andreas Engen
HITIO Gym has a warm and inclusive environment. Trying the martial arts was quite new to me, but I was inspired both by my trainers and other members. The HITIO Gym concept suits the whole family. I know, because I train taekwondo with both my son and my daughter. Wenche Andersen
I joined HITIO Gym because of the combination of martial arts and traditional studio training. I've always been attracted to martial arts. At HITIO Gym I've developed as an athlete, and work out with a great team. Shawn Munir
I joined HITIO Gym primarily for the group sessions. I'm happy I did. I've got to know a lot of wonderful people, and learned much about training. HITIO Gym's inclusive environment suits everyone, independent of age and physical fitness. Randi Karlsen
HITIO Gym is a great place to work out, for the whole family if you like. I've bettered my fitness, my strength, my speed. Having access to the martial arts really completes the experience. Sanela Winge
My daughter Sofie is training taekwondo three times a week at HITIO Gym. I combine the pleasure of being her chauffeur with my own exercising. HITIO Gym has all the equipment I need for a full work out. It gives me the energy to perform better in both my professional and private life. My daughter and I having this activity together is a valuable bonus. Thomas Schumann Østgaard